Chór Politechniki Morskiej w Szczecinie

Common sounds

Common Sounds is an original project invented by the Choir  of Maritime University of Szczecin. The project was born in 2014 and from the beginning intends to connect and merge different musical styles. The first edition was devoted to jazz; the choir invited an outstanding Polish jazz vocalist, Kuba Badach. Performing together, we intended to show the unlimited potential of the choral music. It amazed us all, how easy and surprising this musical cross-culture marriage can be.

2016: The charm of the cabaret


Three Forms of Art for the Project’s Third Birthday. We have had some outstanding artists visit the scene of Szczecin ‘Opera na Zamku’. Presenting the seemingly distant musical worlds, they made them collide and created some original, unique solutions. This year’s edition welcomed a satiric group with a sophisticated yet light taste; Poland’s funniest and most recognized string quartet- Grupa MoCarta, which could be translated as Mozart’s Group (with a little twist). They were accompanied by an unconventional, minimalist artist – Ireneusz Krosny whose performances are dominated by movement and… silence. And finally, Choir of the Maritime University played this time’s role of the whole event’s organizer, under direction of Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch and with the courtesy of Michał Janicki, the host.

2015: The Latino Project


The second edition of the festival drew from the Latino tradition in the original form of choral and folk arrangements whose main theme was the music from Latin America. The Latino Project was a series of concerts, when the invited artists and the Choir performed in several cultural institutions in Szczecin and in the neighborhood. The concerts aimed to promote the culture of Latin America, also during the accompanying events. The final concert was the crowning of the whole week when Latino music overtook the city and its surroundings. The artists who were warming up our city in multiple locations, met again in the Szczecin Philharmonic to join their Latino rhythms with…. yes, our local ones.

For more information please visit the festival’s website.

2014: Kuba Badach


During the first edition of the project, the Choir invited a well-known vocalist and composed, Kuba Badach with his band. Thanks to this fusion of jazz and choral music, the concert let the listeners uncover some unknown artistic expressions. The concert’s program included some songs of Andrzeja Zaucha in new arrangements by Jacek Piskorz and Kuba Badach from the album Tribute to Andrzej Zaucha, some compositions from the Choir’s repertoire and the arrangements created in the cooperation of all artists.

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